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  1. Hello: my hair color is dark brown with copper tones. I've always want to get a light brown color with golden tones. How can I achieve this color? I have read that people who have an orange tone color must dye the hair with a color that has blue tone, like, for example, ash brown. Is that correct???
    Pleasee it will means a lot to me if you help me!

    Thanks ;)

  2. Hello Kathy,

    I am sorry for the delayed answer but I have had some technical problems.

    Is your hair undyed? I think you have your natural hair colour. 

    It is more difficult to lighten dark brown colour since there are more natural pigments in the hair therefore you may have yellow reddish undertones.
    If you wish to dye darker hair to lighter colour, you must understand that hair dye neutralize the natural pigments gradually first and than it colours it.

    The background pigments of dark brown hair are red - brown.

    I am going to explain colour theory:

    Blue (ash) + Red + Yellow (gold) = Brown

    Red + Blue (ash) = Purple (violet)
    Blue (ash) + Yellow (gold) = Green (matt)
    Red + Yellow (gold) = Orange (copper)

    In theory hair dye process works like this:

    Natural background pigment + artificial pigment = Result colour

    It was a good advice to use ash colour but I know from experience that your hair may get reddish so I do advise you to use 5/ natural - ash (5/01 or 5/NA) - ash shade with 30 vol developer.

    First dye the whole length of your hair excluding 2 cm-s of hair roots. Once you are done, you can dye the roots too.

    If you have thick hair, go for 1 shade lighter hair dye 6/ natural – ash (6/01 or 6/NA) - ash with 30 vol developer, because the darker the colour is the less it will work.

    Always use end-of-dye shampoo and Ph restoring products.

    When you want to re-dye your hair, you shouldn’t do it like this.

    I hope I could help, but should you have nay questions I am happy to answer.



  3. hello! I have a medium or light brown hair depending on who you ask. im the only one in my family that isnt brown eyed brown skin'd with black hair. im barely olive complected with green eyes. my family says my hair light brown, but my friends say its considered medium (i dunno) anyways, my very first hairdresser liked the way my eyes stand out against my natural brown hair, so she wanted to take it a step further and go darker, (that hair stylist picked out dark ash brown to best match my skin tone) but it made me look so pale and it brought out the redness in my face i never even noticed before. i rocked it til it grew out anyway because any damage to my fine hair turns curls into brittle frizz. couple of years later however i dared to go blonde (and with a different hairstylist) she went for a lighter blonde because the color of my veins indicated that was the best blonde for me (btw, to me, my vein color looks different in different lightings but i figured shes the expert not me) my hair came out purple silver grey and both me and my hair looked dismal. she tried to correct it with a light brown and it turned blah and tinted green in some parts. after a week or so i bought a box kit for the first time. i chose medium brown cuz that's what i thought my natural color but it was way too dark and turned like an auburn copper after awhile. again, even though i didn't like it i lived with it and didn't touch my hair color again for years. one day when i was getting my hair trimmed i noticed a natural looking dark honey/light caramel swatch n i thought it was pretty n not so "bleach blondey". i asked my hairdresser if he could make that my hair color, he said ofcourse, with no mention of skin tone, shade, temperature or whatever else he thought i was. i got so excited! i couldn't wait to see myself with those locks. but he sent me home bright yellow with a bottle of toner and some shampoo (which have both proceeded to murder my curls and replace them with straw) he promised me it was temporary and that the purple would eliminate the bright yellow and dark orange spots, but my hair is still super yellow and it seems like the dark orange is turning rusty red. and on top of that, my roots have begun to turn like a white silver. i thought i could trust professionals! to be able to look at me and my hair and tell me what would look and work best, or at least give me the color i wanted! i thought anyone could just look at a swatch or a box and get that same color! my heart is seriously broken, and now i don't know what to do at all. i look ridiculous & my fiancé is coming home off the boat in two days and im so embarrassed. ive been reading ur stuff and although it makes more sense to me than it did b4, i still don't know which categories i fall under, or how 3 professionals could be so wrong. please help me! i just want to have a pretty natural looking honey blonde or find out which shade of brown i really am and get it back!