Thursday, August 8, 2013

Golden blonde hair coloring at home

How to dye golden blonde hair
Golden blonde hair coloring at home as a salon?


If you have colour no. 5-6 or 9 hair, than you can achieve it without pre-bleaching. If your hair is darker, you need to pre-bleach.
Those who have strong hair, they usually need to use higher vol. and one shade lighter colour than the desired result.
When you lighten your hair colour, it gets yellowish.
If you dye your hair to golden blonde, you can actually use the yellowish colour to end up with golden colour. Golden shade is a result of natural colours and the proper intensity of volume, there is no need to use peachy colours.
Dye the length of your hair and hair ends with the desired golden colour and a less intense vol.

e.g.: the desired colour is 7/ golden shade

When you lighten your hair colour golden blonde.


Hair roots: 7/ Natural
Hair length, ends: 7/ Gold

First colouring:

Apply the „hair colouring for the first time” technique as shown before.

Hair roots: 7/ Natural
Hair length, ends: 7/ Natural

Same colour or darker:

Hair roots: 7/ Gold
Hair length, ends: 7/ Gold

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  1. hello! i totally LOVE this site and you are a gift from god!!! after years of going to the salon and trying box dyes at home (all of which ended in me cutting my hair off) i FINALLY got my hair the perfect blonde! i bleached my dark brown hair and used the yellow tones with a natural medium blonde dye like you said, and my hair is gorgeous!!! and since i balanced my ph afterwards my hair is also shiny healthy too! i did it at home for like 15 bucks in one night! i love you, and youre amazing! thank you so much i love my new medium gold blonde hair, it looks so natural and healthy!