Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I want to dye my bleached hair to light blonde

 I want to dye my bleached hair to light blonde
Monique has found her platinum blonde hair locks a little boring. She has imagined a naturally balanced ombre hair style with platinum blonde as the master colour. No yellow, no orange colour please. She has got a little longer than shoulder high hair. I have started thinking a colour no. 7 to achieve a nice, natural ombre.

Although my guests don’t necessarily understand everything I tell them „in hairdresser language”, I do my best to explain professionally what they would like to know, because believe me, they are very keen to get informed.
Of course she has had a lot of questions. I hope my hair won’t get green or grey?
I could tell by looking at her facet hat she was terrified so I explained her how to dye bleached hair.
Yes, you are right; you could end up with a greyish, greenish hair, if I dyed your hair with natural, peachy, or matt colour.To dye already bleached hair is very different and needs a special care. While bleaching your hair, I have neutralized the natural pigments in your hair, so I am going to replace these with warm tone, artificial pigments (gold, copper, red). We would like to achieve colour no. medium blonde that has copper background pigments. This colour is missing from your hair, so we need to put them back by a ground hair dye. This is necessary so the artificial pigments would stick better and won’t wash off so easily.

The re-pigmentation is a process of many steps:

Step 1: about 5-6 cms from the regrowth. I applied the mixture of  light blonde /gold 20g + medium blonde /copper-copper 5g +50g 1,9%

 I want to dye my bleached hair to light blonde

Step 2: from the 6 cms I applied the mixture of  light blonde /gold 15g + red mixton 0,5g + 31g 1,9% 

Step 3: i combed the border of the two mixtures neatly together so there will be a nice change of colour. I left out a few locks on purpose for a more natural look.

Step 4: leave on for 15 mins.

Step 5: Wash your hair!

Step 6: Hairdry your hair!

Monique liked the result of pre-pigmentation so much that we rather didn’t colour it to colour no. 7 blonde.

Step 7: On the hair roots I applied the mixture of very light blonde /ash-violet 20g + lightest blonde / ash 10g + 30g 40 Vol

Step 8: leave on for 40 mins.

Step 9: Wash your hair and use hair care products!

Step 10: Create your own hairdo!

 I want to dye my bleached hair to light blonde

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