Sunday, April 28, 2013

Components of oxidative hair dyes

hair dyes

1. Hair dye substances – transform into dyes by oxidation

2. Direct hair dyes – dye directly, emphasize red-goldish and red shades

3. Alkalines – cause hair to swell, neutralise stabilizer acids and help peroxide to Penetrate. There pH is between 10-11.

4. Mediator substances – cause to attenuate or thicken
(O/Vsometimes gel)
5. Moistening substances – reduce pressure on the surface, increase absorbing capacity
of hair

6. Other substances – protect from over-oxidation, emulsify and scent (cover smell of

7. Hair care substances- supply oily substances to protect hair shafts

The substance penetrates the cuticula and crusts in the scales. At the end of the process of hair
dye, the cuticula shuts down the flow of substances.
The result of hair dye is affected by the natural pigments and the applied colour.

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