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Hair extension aftercare

Hair extension aftercare

Human hair is the most ideal for adding volume to your hair or lengthening it.
It needs special care since it is not alive anymore.

You should know a few things about the structure of your hair so you will understand what you should or shouldn’t do to it.

Each hair shaft consists of 3 layers.

1. The outermost layer of hair is known as the cuticle. It protects hair by 4-6 scales of tissues.
These scales are bonded to each other. They are colourless and see-through.

Your hair has its natural shine because the scales reflect the light as mirrors. If the scales are damaged by chemicals, they can only partially reflect the light therefore they absorb the rest. If it happens, you are left with lifeless, dull hair; it feels harsh and gets tangled easily.

2. The middle layer is known as the cortex. (fibrous layer) Each hair shaft consists of
80 % of fibres. All chemicals and physical processes, like hair dyeing, take place here.
Cortex contains hair pigments too that gives the colour of a hair shaft.

3. The innermost layer is known as the medulla.
If you have thin hair you may lack this layer in the middle of your hair.

Hair is made of keratin and keratin is made of polypeptide chains. (amino acids) It reacts both
to alkalines and acids. These chains are spiral and linked to each other crosswise. This bond
ensures that polypeptide chains are linked, giving the spatial structure of hair.


1. Hydrogen bond is somewhat a loose bond and cracks by heat and water. It can be
restored by hair drying and cooling.
2. Salt bridges crack if affected by alkalines (hair dye, bleach) but can be restored by
acidic rinse.
3. Disulfide bridge bond cracks if affected by reducing substances (perm). Can be
restored by oxidising substances.

Now that you have read a little about the structure of hair, you should understand that you
must take good care of your cuticula. You must have experienced that after backcombing your
hair, it becomes dull. The reason is that backcombing your hair can damage the outermost
layer. Try to avoid over-backcombing especially if you have hair extension.

I advice you to look after your hair as if it was damaged.
Wash your hair with your head leaned backwards. Rinse with not too hot water and gently
massage it with shampoo containing argan oil.

Use hair cream products for dehydrated hair

Take care of your hair tips using oil or cream.

Avoid too hot hair drying and use heat protector.

Once your hair is half dry, brush it with natural hair brush.

Hair is more vulnerable when wet so be careful not to tear it.

Try to avoid using flattening iron and curling iron. If necessary always apply heat protection
products before flatironing your hair.

Look after your hair extension every morning and evening by using hydrating liquid and
argan oil.

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