Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing

Before your start, always take into consideration if you want darker, lighter hair or you want to have the same colour but a different shade.

In a beauty salon it is crucial to communicate with the guests. The hair stylist must find out what colour the guest would go for, warm or rather cool.

In most cases you will achieve the desirable colour by mixing two or three colours. Different colours are required for your hair roots and for the end of your hair and also different developers should be used if you want an even colour.

You should watch out before dyeing your hair at home especially if you are planning a drastic

change. To be able to pick the perfect hair colour, you can use different programmes on the
net where you can upload your photo and try the colours. You can also share it with your
family and ask for their advice.

It is very important to keep a hair dye diary, so we can track what colours have been used to
dye the guest's hair and what products have been used as aftercare. It would be ideal to make
a note of it at home too.

Before having your hair dyed, identify the following features:

- natural hair colour
- hair quality
- ratio of grey hairs
- desirable colour
- number or numbers of the hair dye applied
- products used for beforecare and aftercare

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