Sunday, June 30, 2013

KINACTIF NUTRI is a nourishing treatment for damaged hair


NUTRI line of treatments belong to the group of best professional BIO hair treatments world wide. They are flower and vanilla scented with argan oil and keratin proteins.
Their most up-to-date substances repair hair structure and even the damaged bits.
They also revitalize porous hair. They make hair fibres soft in a minute.

Once you try these products, you will never want anything else.

The products of nourishing treatment: 

- Nutri Shampoo 1 - soft

- Nutri Shampoo 2 - rich

- Nutri Shampoo 3 - intense

- Nutrí Conditioner

- Nutri Hydrator

- Nutri Mask

- Nutri Serum

- Nutri Injector

- Nutri Reconstructor

- Nutri Ectract Cream

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