Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing

Before your start, always take into consideration if you want darker, lighter hair or you want to have the same colour but a different shade.

In a beauty salon it is crucial to communicate with the guests. The hair stylist must find out what colour the guest would go for, warm or rather cool.

In most cases you will achieve the desirable colour by mixing two or three colours. Different colours are required for your hair roots and for the end of your hair and also different developers should be used if you want an even colour.

You should watch out before dyeing your hair at home especially if you are planning a drastic

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Components of oxidative hair dyes

hair dyes

1. Hair dye substances – transform into dyes by oxidation

2. Direct hair dyes – dye directly, emphasize red-goldish and red shades

3. Alkalines – cause hair to swell, neutralise stabilizer acids and help peroxide to Penetrate. There pH is between 10-11.

4. Mediator substances – cause to attenuate or thicken
(O/Vsometimes gel)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hair colour chemistry

Hair colour chemistry

Hair colouring is definitely a science.

You interfere in your hair’s biochemistry.

As I have written earlier (hair extension aftercare), hair consists of 3 layers. The first main part is the cuticle (scaled overlapping layer) which consists of many layers of tissues without a nucleus.
Unfortunately, chemical hair treatments reduce the number of tissues and leave our hair dull and lifeless.

Producers put different compounds in their hair dyes to make hair look shiny.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hair extension aftercare

Hair extension aftercare

Human hair is the most ideal for adding volume to your hair or lengthening it.
It needs special care since it is not alive anymore.

You should know a few things about the structure of your hair so you will understand what you should or shouldn’t do to it.

Each hair shaft consists of 3 layers.

1. The outermost layer of hair is known as the cuticle. It protects hair by 4-6 scales of tissues.
These scales are bonded to each other. They are colourless and see-through.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make your own keratin bonds using natural bulk hair at home

Hi there, I am going to show you now how you can separate and put a keratin bond on your
natural bulk hair.

You will need scissors, a hair comb, keratin and bonding heat tool.

This method of bonding your bulk hair reduces the hair loss to minimal. It is a little bit time-
consuming to make 100—150 hair bonds but it is worth it, because a natural hair is dye-free,
silicone-free, you can make it lighter, darker or you can dye it.
You will never know how dyed pre-bonded hair has been treated before or with what material
it has been dyed.

Your Virtual Hairdresser Consultant

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hair extension in 2013

Hair extension in 2013

I would like to share my negative experience with you first.
How could that happen in  that people without a degree in hairdressing could become hair extension „experts” by attending only an one-day course?

There are tons of negative experience, comments on messed up hair extensions which ruin my fellow professional hair stylists’ reputation.

I have seen an advertisement saying: “100 strands of European hair for sale for the third of the original price”. This has caught my attention and checked it out! I wasn’t surprised at all that it was worse than what I expected.

The weight of the 100 strands of hair hardly reached 50 grams, the quality was awfully dry full of short hairs and it was obvious that it wasn’t European hair. If somebody got this hair, they would be very disappointed when they left the salon although they were dreaming about long and beautiful hair!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bleach your hair roots at home like this. Step by Step

                                   Diagnostic sheet if you have max. 2 cm grown out roots

For bleaching roots and colouring

The desired colour is: no.10 pearl blonde

Natural hair colour depth                                                 Hair quality

                                                                   thin                    normal                      thick

1 or 2  - black                                          20 Vol               20+30 Vol 1:1                  30 Vol                       

3-dark brown:                                         20 Vol                20 Vol                       30 +20 Vol 1:1

4-medium brown:      :                            20 Vol                20 Vol                       30 +20 Vol 1:1