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Natural hair colour and the hairdresser color wheel

hair colour wheel

If you are planning to lighten your hair colour at home, first you must neutralize the natural pigments in your hair with the help of the opposite colour on the hair spectrum.

Natural hair colour depth:       Colours of pigments:       Lighten your natural colour with the following                                                                                                             
                                                                                                               shade of hair dye.

3-medium brown         -            red                                                        / natur + green mix
4-light brown              -             red-orange                                            /natur-ash
5-lightest brown         -             orange                                                  /ash
6-dark blonde              -            orange-gold                                          / ash-violet
7-medium blonde        -             gold                                                     / violet
 8-light blonde             -            yellow-gold                                         / pearl-violet
 9-very light blond      -            yellow                                                 / pearl
10-the lightest blonde  -            pale  yellow                                       / pearl

Natural hair colour and the hair colour wheel

The picture also shows you how you can bleach your hair at home and to what extent you can
lighten your hair. If it is orange-gold colour than it is colour no. 6 dark blonde, if you dyed
it to 6 / ash violet shade, you would have no. 6 natural dark blonde. If you dyed your hair to 6/ ash
shade colour, the result would be natural blonde hair with golden undertones.

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