Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to dye your brown hair to a warm tone of medium brown

 shiny and sparking hair

Warm colour of brown has reddish or gold undertone. Go for this shade at home, and you will end up with shiny and sparking hair in case you use professional hair dye

Forget about the box of hair dyes you can buy in drugstores.

I have already written about the natural hair colour depth. Medium brown is graded to no. 4. There are some darker tones like no. 1or 2 (black) and 3 (dark brown). Also there are lighter tones like no. 5 (light brown), no. 6 (dark blonde), no. 7 (medium blonde), no.8 (light blonde) and no. 9 (very light blonde).

Natural hair colour depth                              what to do to have no. 4 colour

1                                                               lighten your hair
2 or 3                                                       lighten your hair
4                                                               same colour as already have
5                                                               darken your hair        
6                                                               darken your hair
7                                                               darken your hair
8                                                               darken your hair        
9                                                               darken your hair

If you want to lighten your hair roots, take into consideration the changes in the colour of pigments, they get yellow-reddish shade. You can soften it by using peach blonde and the proper volume of developers.

If you already have brown hair or want to darken your hair colour  for the first time, you can apply hair dye on the whole length of your hair but if you want to dye your roots and refresh the colour, don’t apply on the whole length for your hair’s sake. If you redo the colour, you can dye your roots but apply only temporary hair colour on the length and on the ends. Unfortunately environmental elements make your hair ends become dull and lifeless so mix warm tone of red or gold colour into your temporary hair colour so it will be shiny and sparking.

Find the treatment guideline in details in my video!

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