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Hair extension in 2013

Hair extension in 2013

I would like to share my negative experience with you first.
How could that happen in  that people without a degree in hairdressing could become hair extension „experts” by attending only an one-day course?

There are tons of negative experience, comments on messed up hair extensions which ruin my fellow professional hair stylists’ reputation.

I have seen an advertisement saying: “100 strands of European hair for sale for the third of the original price”. This has caught my attention and checked it out! I wasn’t surprised at all that it was worse than what I expected.

The weight of the 100 strands of hair hardly reached 50 grams, the quality was awfully dry full of short hairs and it was obvious that it wasn’t European hair. If somebody got this hair, they would be very disappointed when they left the salon although they were dreaming about long and beautiful hair!

You shouldn’t have hair extension if your hairstylist is not a pro even if the price is very attractive.
Feel free to ask questions from the hairdresser before you have hair extension!

Questions for hot fusion:

-how long have they been doing hair extensions?

-if they use separator discs (some of my guests have mentioned that no hairdresser has used separator disc before)

-how they separate strands

-where they attach the hair (how many centimetres far from your scalp)

-if they can dye it evenly

-if they can cut it and thin it in line with your own hair

-if they can give you detailed information on taking care of your hair, maybe in printed form too

-if they offer guarantee for their work and hair

If you do not get a straight answer you should go to another place.

There are a lot of different types of hair on the market even in a form of hair mob.

There is Asian, Indian, Russian, Ukraine, American hair and so on.

Which one is the perfect hair for you?

The compatible hair is very similar to your own hair’s structure and colour.
Take it into consideration that you want to wear this hair for 1-2 months or years.

If you want to wear it for 1-2 months then opt for hair strands with keratin bond already on or clip in hair extension but if you wish to wear it for years, then you must buy a natural hair bulk.

In my next video I will show you how you can put keratin bonds on your hair strands nicely, how you can attach them, how you can cut the result, how you can remove it and then how you can have the strands re-done.

I will also show you how to transform the clip in hair extension for keratin fusion and beads techniques and you will also be able to learn how to sew hair step by step.

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