Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hair color

As I have promised you, our first video is about how to bleach and achieve pastel hair, but before you bleach your hair at home (lightening up, neutralizing) you need to be able to recognize:

1, your natural hair color (roots)
2, the quality of your hair
3, your hair condition

Without this information you may cause a lot of damage to your hair.

I will try to explain it in the simplest and most understandable way so you can grab the essence.

How to determine your natural hair color (roots)

Your hair color depth can be best described by the lightness of hair, which depends on the number of pigments in your hair. Black has the most and the darkest pigments but very rare. There are hair colors from dark brown to the lightest blonde. The lighter the hair is the less pigments it contains.

Hair color depths chart:

1 or      2 – black
            3-dark brown
            4-medium brown
            5-light brown
            6-dark blonde
            7-medium blonde
            8-light blonde
            9-very light blond
          10-the lightest blonde

According to how much you want to bleach your hair, black and brown pigments will gradually disappear and different shades of orange and yellow will appear.

Many people cannot determine their natural hair color correctly for example many of you would think that you have light brown hair instead of medium blonde.

This can be a problem because it is crucial what percentage of developer you use, 3 % (10 vol) or 6 % (20 vol) for bleaching. You can achieve the desirable color using both but if a 3 % (10 vol) developer is enough why would you damage your hair and skin with a 6 % (20 vol) developer.

If you use a 3 % (10 vol) developer, the process will last longer but it penetrates yellowish, reddish pigments better.

I have worked out a diagnosis sheet for you to help.

I will share this with you later on.

My next topic is about recognizing the quality of your hair.

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