Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What you will need for bleaching your hair at home

The strongest member of your family to carry up your stuff!

Tools for bleaching:

kitchen scale for perfect measures
plastic or glass bowl
one pair of gloves
a piece of cloth for covering you

Materials for bleaching:

high quality bleaching powder
developer (volume depending on hair type)
normal shampoo to wash your hair before re-colouring it
colour no. 10 pearl blonde hair dye
10 Vol. (3%) for re-colouring
end-of-dye shampoo that closes hair scales
PH restoring conditioner
hydrating liquid with keratin
argan oil

You will find your bleaching plan for your own hair colour and hair structure under my video.

I have seen deterrent, scary pictures of hair lengthening saying: “if possible, do not have your
hair lengthened!” Thanks to this sentence I have decided that my next topic will be on hair

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