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Hair colour spectrum in hairdressing

Colour theory is basically the colour spectrum.
There are terms that we don’t use in everyday life.

E.g.: for green – matt
         for blue – ash
         for violet - pearl

Hair colour spectrum in hairdressing

While bleaching, there might remain yellow (gold), orange (copper) and red shades in the hair. You can neutralize it by applying the directly opposite colour.

For example you can neutralize yellow (gold) shade by violet (pearl).
Orange (copper) can be neutralized by blue and red by green (matt).

I have already talked about natural hair colour, which is the darkness and lightness of hair and the colour tone which describes the characteristic of hair colour and shade
Hair dye producers use numbers and letters to describe hair colour and shade.

The number before the dot or backslash stands for the colour while the number after the dot or backslash stands for the shade.

I will show you the numbers of My hair dye producer:

8/34 – light blonde with copper shade

     8 – light blonde – base colour

/3  - gold – the first number after the backslash stands for the main characteristic and shade of  the hair colour .

/  4 – copper – the second number after the backslash stands for the secondary characteristic and shade

10/8 – lightest blonde with pearl shade

10                  - lightest blonde – base colour

            /8 – pearl – main characteristic

I have explained it this way because hair dye producers may use different numbers for colours.
This is why I don’t tell you what number of colour to buy if you want to colour your hair instead I will ask you to buy a 9,10 or 11 colour pear blonde shade at the hair shop. 
I hope it is clear for you now but this is only a segment of colour spectrum so far. I will tell you everything more detailed when it comes to hair dye because without the knowledge of colour spectrum you can’t dye your hair nicely and thoroughly.         

On my video I am changing a colour no. 5 roots into pearl blonde no. 10. It is impossible to achieve this without pre-bleaching.
Before sharing the video I will have only one more short writing, namely

-how important to do skin test and
-how important to take care of your blonde hair.

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